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This service is applicable for any past, present, or future bindings from Magickal Menagerie. If you wish to have us do this service on any bindings from other sellers, you must get their consent first and give us all of the information on the entity/spirit(s) in question!

Mutual Companion Bindings are entity tethers much like the ones you receive from us when making a purchase. The difference is in execution. In a traditional binding we are offered a small orb of tethering energy (the spiritual 'cell-phone' if you will) that goes directly to the customer or to a vessel the customer wears. In the mutual companion bindings these are split into smaller orbs of energy that are charged with elemental ether and bound to multiple people or multiple vessels.

This Awesome opportunity allows you to share the company of a guide with multiple people at the same strength of a traditional binding! 

[UNIVERSAL Group Size is for a Vessel or Binding that will be send or connecting to innumerable people (such as Angel Guides/Angel Messages/Defenders) and who may be doing work on a big scale such as through a business or coven.]


Please fill out the following form and put it in special requirements or email us at

Names + DOB of all Human Companions:

Spirit or Entity Name and Species:

Origin of Spirit or Entity (Magickal Menagerie or Other seller who has agreed to this binding practice.):

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