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Truth is, Mistletoe is for more than just kissing under. Learn more about this interesting plant that has shaped holiday traditions, healing traditions, and has even created controversies in regards to cancers and many other chronic ailments.

Magickal Uses: 
When burned or offered, this herb is an amazing offering or symbol of fertility, luck, sexuality, procreation, creativity, and protection of families. It was often carried in a satchel as good luck for hunting. Mistletoe is beileved to be the Golden Bough of Aeneas who was sent to found rome by Venus. It is also reportedly the killer of Baldr, god of light and aesthetics in Norse Mythology, and was considered a fruitful cure for barrenness on he farm. It has also been a large aspect of Christianity, symbolizing the cross.

Health Uses:  The berries are extremely poisonous, and the leaves are consumed by some though this is not recommended by us. Herbalists use the leaves and twigs for treating respiratory and circulatory ailments. Many have researched it for assisting in Cancer treatment, though no conclusive research has been established. Many believe that it has, indeed, improved quality of life in cancer patients however. 

Consumability: Low to None - At Own Risk

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