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Farm Witch Apothecary’s Blends are a heartfelt magickal offering that we have been working on for quite some time here at Magickal Menagerie. Each sachet comes in a bright and reusable organza bag with a small ribbon-bound scroll explaining ways to use your blend. These blends may be offered, lit as incense, or kept in pillows, sachets, and medicine bags as per your personal tradition. They are muddled and composed in the old fashioned way, down to the mortar and pestle we use, one that is about a hundred years old and has been used by our family for generations. Each offering sachet comes with a small stone amulet imbued with the powers of the blend so that the spell may live on immortally after the last of the herbal blend has been spent.

Minerva's Blend

Minerva’s Blend is inspired by one of our truly scintillating and brilliant matron deities. Minerva brings beautiful bounties of wisdom and intuition, and loves to empower women, though she will work with most anyone who respects her and her authority. This blend is inspired and charged by Minerva to draw her divine wisdom and creativity during times of cloudiness and concern. This brilliant blend of Mistletoe, Myrrh Gum, Benzoin Gum, White Willow, Skullcap, Nettle, and trace amounts of Valerian Root will help you connect with her vision, her knowledge, and her truth. Working with her will help you draw down the immense knowledge of your prior selves, unlocking your past lives, your ancestors, and the wisdom that runs through your bloodlines. We are all beings composed of energy and stardust, and this blend and accompanying work will help you connect with your true divine and celestial nature, reminding you about your role in this universe and showing you the ways in which you can draw true change to the world around you. Minerva can shed light on topics of love, work, passion, and hope in ways that you have not considered before, and is usually quite eager to do so. Work with this beautiful, potent blend and elevate yourself to the next stage of your evolutionary journey!

All Farm Witch Apothecary blends come with a small instructional scroll with a spell included.