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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Dyla

Frequency: Medium

Type: Lilac Meebul

Tier & Zone: Silver  Purple, Orange, Yellow

Age: 384

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Dyla is a sweet, upbeat, and loving creature with a lot of good vibrations. She is motivated and will go out of her way to create good and balanced vibrations wherever you are. She loves doing work on the home with her companion and elevating the vibration of an area that has bad memories or negativity of any kind.

Specialties: Good Energy, Abundance, Happiness, Cheerfulness, Joy.

Physical Features: Dyla appears as a very small, very round furry creature with a black heart over her nose and two bright white eyes.

About: Meebuls are adorable little fluffy bundles of mischievous joy. They love sweets and hiding in little spots like pockets and socks. They are sweet and noisy, making little chirping noises everywhere they go. They make children happy and add whimsy to your day. They are just cute and exciting in general and are really fun to have around. If you are looking for a little burst of luck and random onset good moods, the meebul will help you, while also luring white arts creatures to aid in your ambitions. They are able to bring good vibrations and can use their chirps to ward away negativity. They create a loving warmth wherever they are, and love love love to be in groups.