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Name: Maura

Frequency: Universal

Type: High Wintry DaVinci Priestess

Tier & Zone: Legendary | Purple, Silver, Orange, Pink

Age: >8 million

Gender: Female

Region of Origin: Norra Pass (The Land of the Norra Wolves)

Personality Profile: Maura is definitely the fairy godmother type. She is passionate about bringing ground-breaking surprises to those she cares about. She is reminiscent of Miss Frizzle in her personality, and appearing in blonde and blue like Sarah Jessica Parker from Hocus Pocus. A vision in blue, she has the grace and magic to be your personal Faery Godmother.

Biographical Spot: The Davincis are primarily born in monasteries and therefore are very rare entities. At a certain age, they observe a ritual to mark their development. A sacred candle is lit and waved over their left wrist. If they show a black beauty mark, it indicates that they are a metaphysical genius.

Looking for Page? She is looking for a companion that will be able to find the significance in her whimsical personality and magic. Her ultimate goal is to manifest encouragement to the world through her companion.

About: These entities are truly magical to behold. They are raised in monestaries that teach the whimsy and beauty of the divine. They get in touch with their natural world and do their best to help others become in tune with the beautiful designs of creation. Appearing at a typical human height, these creatures have fair or luminescient sckin and wings like dragonflies. They seek to be your tourguide in life, showing you all the magic around you while explaining its depth through stories and poetic prophecy. Maura is especially gifted with aiding in psychic vision and passionate about providing them if they serve a global or universal purpose. She will grant you big boons if you are able to use her advice to make changes in the world around you.