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This listing is for a custom conjure of a Matrix Fly. If you would like to make any other special requests for your custom spirit in regards to appearance or specialties please send us an email at after you have made your order, or leave a message at checkout. 

Matrix Fly:

If you are feeling a draw to this entity, it is no surprise, coincidence, or oddity. These entities call very strongly when you need them in your life, and they serve a number of intensely helpful purposes. These entities help you understand your true self on the path of change and transformation, but also help you to stay graceful, challenging, kind, and understanding. They help you to be more outspoken in the face of adversity and to clarify situations with ease, even when there is rampant negativity. Though these entities look like the creatures we refer to openly as ‘pests,’ they personify the attitude of rebirth, transformation, and survival. They are entities that represent change as a constant, but also as a boon toward success. They are extremely perceptive entities who notice the smallest shifts in an environment or the smallest changes in a person or process. This intricate lifestyle is not part of many humans’ sessions here on earth, but is something that would make every day simpler and easier. They are eerily wise and share their truths openly. Are you ready to figure out the life you were meant for? Even if it is a complete 180, you will notice the work is quite worth it.