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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Mary

Frequency: Medium

Type: Pomegranate Unicorn

Tier & Zone: Silver  Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple

Age: 210,873

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Mary is a generous spirit that you will really feel blessed by. When she starts working with you, you can feel the energy swell around you both, as she is elated by new  meetings and fresh starts. She loves to help her companions establish themselves in a comfortable lifestyle and loves helping them redecorate and refresh their lives. She is the master of retrograde periods and can help you make one of the more trying times on the astrological stage into something very progressive.

Specialties: Retrograde work, Rest, Soul Retrieval, Ascendance, Gardening, Bounty,  Beauty, Love, Fertility.

Physical Features: Mary is a beautiful, metallic burgundy unicorn with pastel pink hooves, mane, and with a small splotch of pink under her eye. She has a black spot on her hind right flank as well.

About: The Pomegranate Unicorn is a very special and rather rare variety of Unicorn that has traditions tracing back to the Zoroastrian god Ahura Mazda. The grove of the pomegranate is held in Zoroastrian tradition as a space where one can find the godly immortality of Ahura Mazda. The pomegranate tree is evergreen and produces nourishment in the form of a bounty of seeds. The pomegranate represents fertility and a world of plenty, making it a most godly plant. The Pomegranate Unicorn is called as such because they are not only pink-tinted, but dwell in the eden-gardens that are overrun with the largest pomegranate trees in existence. These entities are capable of assisting individuals in astral travel and in investigating their past lives through vision and regression. They have a radiant warmth about them which can completely and utterly change the vibration in a room or in your astral temple realm. When working with them, you will be able to more quickly determine dangerous spirits and those that are genuinely intending to help. You will also be blessed with longevity and wisdom in areas of health and wellness.

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