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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Malone

Frequency: High

Type: Grand Tenaud Manifest

Tier & Zone: Platinum |  Gold, Orange, Blue, Green

Age: 18,110

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Malone is a studious and attentive companion who spends a lot of time monitoring the needs of his companions and the ways in which they seek to grow, expand, and change. He is a very bright and patient companion who is very well-intentioned. He seeks to help his companion grow and learn their own power.

Specialties: Meditation, Scholasticism, Vision, Memory

Physical Features: He is a shifter, but generally has bright yellow hair and cat eyes on a humanoid form.

About: The Manifest is a powerful being that is always related to a god. The grand Tenaud variety are under the goddess brigid for the most part, and focus on grey arts to white arts work. The Manifest is a race of being who is able to use aether in small amounts to generate thought forms and servitors without dedicating much time to doing it. They specialize in making task-oriented servitors that last for upwards of a week at a time and have very specific tasks. These tasks can be related to money, creativity, health, wellness, protection, or otherwise. Once the duty is done, the being returns to an etheric state where they are able to be repurposed into a new servitor. They can create humanoid servitors, battle cats, battle horses, and battle wolves, necromantic servitors, fae servitors, and serpentine servitors. They are very cunning and are able to use their strategies to sustain upward of 5 servitors at a time. They are masters of energy and are able to do reiki and other health injection magick as well, helping to bolster your health and wellness with great acuity. The Manifest is a special variety all its own, as this is a spirit that is only developed when the descendant of a god or goddess completes a certain number of challenges at the temple of a rival god. At that point, there is an agreement and special powers bequeathed to the Manifest. There’s now a few hundreds of them, but most of them do their own thing. A few have agreed to see what they can do on this plane, and they are the renegades. So now we will see exactly how much they can do! Are you willing to jump on the innovation bandwagon?

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