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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Maira

Frequency: Medium

Type: Moonstorm Priestess

Tier & Zone: Gold |  Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Gold

Age: 8738

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Maira is a very poetic but subdued entity. She views everything within an artistic lens and is a great companion to communicate with in regards to magickal questions and questions of energy and prophecy, but will spend the majority of her time showing you different ways to view things and bathing you in powerful energies to motivate and cleanse.

Specialties: Cleansing, Creativity, Motivation, Poetry, Art, Moon, Feminine, Divinity

Physical Features: She is a tall woman cloaked in lace and satin. She wears long gowns and fingerless gloves, and wears a giant headpiece with a triple goddess symbol on it. Her eyes are a lovely violet and she often wears chrysoprase.

About: The moonstorm priest/ess is an entity whose aural field appears as if it was made of quartz. They have a very cooling and soothing energy about them, though they are agents of change, personal evolution, and symmetry with nature. You will find that they empower moon-based and planetary magick and will help you time your projects and activities with the phases of the moon. They promote feminine empowerment, body cycle regulation, and health. They bring the powerful energy of moon goddesses to your practice, empowering you to connect with the dark and the mysterious parts of yourself and your world to foster regulation, understanding, and patience. These beautiful priests and priestesses draw down powerful vibrations that evoke change in your world and allow you to make plans without fear that they will be dashed or rendered invaluable. These beautiful beings bring a lot of healing and relaxation in between moments of intense self discovery.

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