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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Maia Ossoff

Frequency: High

Type: Blanche Unicorn Drow

Tier & Zone: High Gold  Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink

Age: 1901

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Maia is a colorful individual who may get a bit feisty at times. She loves to play games and she is not afraid to make her companion think and be a little bit more critical of those around them. She is fearless and loves a good adventure. You will find that she is the first one to take the reins in a spiritual manner and push you in a direction of growth and evolution. She is not afraid to pull her companion out of their comfort zone so that they can experience growth. She works well with other spirit companions but will definitely be the ringleader if given the opportunity.

Specialties: Art, Creativity, Leadership, Working on a Team, Enduring a difficult job or career, reaching career of scholastic benchmarks, herbalism, crystal work, personal development, creativity, dominance.

Physical Features: Maia likes to change forms from time to time but her favorite forms usually involve a long platinum blonde braid, pink face paint, and pink and white outfits. Her two favorite colors are purple, pink, and white, so you will often spot her wearing some combination of these colors.

About: The Blanche Unicorn Drow is a being that was engineered by Athena – beautiful beings of darkness who are able to offer the protection and majesty of the unicorn, but connect with much more than only virginal women. They interact with women and men of any alignment. Their abilities are those of protecting all people and pulling down spiritual aether to help you project with more ease. They are able to heal many ailments, especially nervous or spinal related. If you are having a problem as well with muscular deterioration, they are able to help you manage the pain and slow down the process of deterioration. Obviously not a replacement for a doctor, but he can help! These drows are only ever male, are usually romantic, and usually are bisexual. They love men and masculine figures but can be very compassionate and even romantic with a female as well. They help you siphon the poison out of your life and out of your body through purges of toxins, that will help you heal and see more.

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