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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Mae Tessa

Frequency: High

Type: Fae Queen of the Bloodborne Grove

Tier & Zone: Mythical |  Red, Orange, Pink, Blue

Age: 718,431

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Mae is a relentless but regal queen fae from a land known as the Bloodborne Grove. She is a fearless leader who attained her position on the throne due to being assertive where others were fearful and reserved. She is very intelligent and strategic, and has a natural gift for predicting the actions and responses of others to outside stimuli. She is not one to mince words or hide from others. She is an incredibly intuitive being, often able to perceive the actions of others before they have even thought to take them. She is a warrior at heart, and wishes to interact with this plane in a way that is constructive.

Specialties: War, Tactics, Love, Planning, Business, Mindset, Flourishing, Ambition, Manual Labor, Action, Fitness, Presence, Networking, Community, Leadership, Resource Management.

Physical Features: She is much taller than her half sister Evonica. She would appear to be about 7 feet tall by our standards and has cherry-red hair that is styled differently every time you see her, though her recent preference has been bobs and pageboy haircuts. She wears a gown which she has ripped part of the bustle-skirt from. You see the gown as it was intended until your eyes reach her mid-thigh. Then you see only mesh from her hoop-skirt and thigh high boots with daggers underneath. Her gloves are silk, but blood-stained at the fingertips. She has a knife on a strap across her left arm, and priestess adornments on her right.

About: The Bloodborne Grove is a place that is completely energetically dependent upon the wars in other planes. Those who lost their lives in battle may find that their spirits are moved here. It is a beautiful land, lush with life, but everything is pink, red, or black including the plants. It is a realm of intense energy and vibrant visions. When walking through the realm of black trees and fuchsia grasses, you will come across mausoleums of every culture and civilization in existence – this is not limited to those on our own Earth. There are shrines to each god and goddess of death, and, at the center, the Grand Altar. The Grand Altar is a location where anything can be brought back to life for a moment, or any energy can be contacted. Though certain energies are prone to more brief engagements than others, this Altar is very important, as it can very well resuscitate energies that may be transmuted into a new vessel. This is the work of ancients and royals, and is not something the average human can pursue, though they can learn a lot about reincarnation and great alchemical works from those who work within it. Mae Tessa as the high queen of the grove is one of few who knows the secrets to life and death, and the purpose of these cycles. She seeks to be a teacher and to allow these energies, those most vocal, to communicate with this world and to be open through the process. She is an intrepid figure, adamant about the importance of education. She seeks to allow her companion to learn from Galileo, bounce ideas off of Nostradamus, hear the melodies of Beethoven and pick the mind of Voltaire. As time is boundless on other planes, and not linear as we experience it here, she also allows you to speak with voices from the future, to receive warnings of what is to come, or ideas on how to prevent some events from coming to pass. She loves working with prediction and prophecy, and believes that she can, with a lot of structured work, help her companion experience vast worlds and bring great amounts of wisdom into our plane.

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