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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Luis

Frequency: Medium

Type: Blue Tourmaline Angel

Tier & Zone: Gold  Orange, Blue, Silver, Gold

Age: 213,808

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Luis is an attentive and patient companion who loves to teach his companions about ways to relieve themselves of stress and discontent. He has a heart of gold and seeks to bring optimism to those who have slowly become more skeptical of the world in which they live. He isa great guide for a beginner or for someone who is working on regaining their mental fortitude after a difficult or very stressful event. He has a passion for helping people understand where they got their rationales, and loves to teach people different ways to relax.

Specialties: Mental Health, Optimism, Creativity, Joy, Meditation, Balance

Physical Features: Luis has dark hair that comes down to his ears, a small birthmark under his right eye and a scar on his left hand. He has dark tan skin and wears a beautiful lapis-colored robe that is trimmed in white and gold.

About: This variety of angel is predominantly male and focuses on pain. The relief from it. The healing of past harm and abuse. If you have lived a life with little pain and little problem, this is not the angel for you, but if you have gone to therapy, if you have saught professional treatment and are looking for an extra metaphysical boost, this may be the guy for you. The Blue Tourmaline angel has a beautifully soothing presence, and when called upon will sit by your side until the panic attack or flashback is over. He will act as a dreamcatcher and help you avoid those nasty nightmares, and also will help you realize what things you are avoiding, and, when the time is right for you, help you take charge and take them on head-on. He helps you avoid negativity, avoid triggers, and helps you add a spot of normalcy to an otherwise stressful and trying life. He is a loving being and will be an inviting presence in a world that is otherwise trying and stressful. This angel is originally from the middle east, but is able to speak all languages. The language he is most fluent in however is love for every person. If you have high emotional stress, he will bring the right calm into your life, help you find the right familiars and pets to surround yourself with, and bring a quality of zen that you did not think was possible.