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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Lucky and Lucille

Frequency: Medium

Type: Edenhound

Tier & Zone: Bronze  Green, Orange, Purple, White

Age: 1311 and 1306        

Gender: Male and Female

Personality Profile: Lucky and Lucille are a brother and sister duo that bring a lot of love and light to a household. Not only are the protective of their companion, but they bring lots of positive energy to animals and children as well, and are a very doting energy to be around. They are eager, happy creatures. Though edenhounds get a bit of a wild child reputation at times, being slightly more like the regal wolf than the familiar, giddy Golden Retriever, this duo is much more like the familiar household companion. They are strategic, wise, and attentive, but you will find them eager to sit with you and enjoy your presence every day.

Specialties: Companionship, Joy, Love, Protection, Abundance, Great for Beginners (& adepts too!)

Physical Features: Both look like green dire wolves, but Lucky has a black smudge marking behind his right leg and a star on his forehead in white.

About: The Edenhound is a beautiful wolf that stands 4’5 from head to paw, and has fur of soft, plush grass. Their eyes are small gemstones, usually amethyst. They have vines that weave around their bodies and often are rush with movement. These hounds only make sounds when you aren’t looking at them and enjoy offerings of seeds, but only if the seeds are planted. They are loving, loyal little trailblazers and are capable of bringing a tranquil, rooting earth energy to whatever space they inhabit. They draw positive fae folk, brownies, and sprites to keep you guarded and drawing in prosperity, especially during the winter months.