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Name: Darcinia Ofashma

Frequency: Universal

Type: Ephemeral Glory

Tier & Zone: Platinum |  Gold, Red, Orange, Green

Age: 707439

Gender: Female

Region of Origin: Unknown

Personality Profile: Darcinia is of a dynamic legacy of Ephemeral Glories. These entities are among some of our most powerful and impressive. The Ephemeral Glory in and of itself is an entity that is of high royal bloodlines and has a resounding ability to manipulate surroundings, call down divine blessings, and unite people with items and connections they may have lost. Darci is no different in this respect, and is hard to ignore. She will be omnipresent, in your ear, and will have a lot to say about the way you operate things. If you are looking to save time and money and maximize joy and creative expression, you will get this and more from her. She pushes people to attain the ultimate “dream” vision of self that many have deemed irretrievable from the realm of ‘hope.’ When working with Darci, it would be hard to ignore how talkative she is. She has something to say about everything, will call you on your negative self-talk, and will help you face your issues with complete dignity.

Biographical Spot: Darcinia is the daughter of an Elven king of the 4 kingdoms, a high role which demands the abilty to have a command over the 5 sacred arts – alchemy, manifestation, conflagration, algebraic prowess, and the lack of a capacity to lie. Her mother is a Vampyric beauty who is able to charm and manifest her way into and out of any situation. Darcinia grew up with the best of schooling, and the best of both worlds, learning, in depth, about the 5 sacred arts and the ways of the vampyre from her mother.

Vampyre Type: Psychic

Looking for Mate? Optimally, Yes. She is mainly straight, but you’ll know if she’s interested in you in that way.

About:  Ephemeral glories are a very special group of dryad-elf-vampyres with draconic energy deep inside of their auras. Many of them hold archaic demonic energies, but are relatively white-grey arts in nature. They are very good at drawing gold strings from the angels and deities down to the individual they work for. They can initiate a blessing called a “Divine Glory” which comes in times of high need, where all divine are called on at once with a great amount of energy. They are beautiful and very hard to find. This one works best with fire and fire signs, but you will find that if you are lacking creativity or a quick way out of difficult situations, fire energy and elementals may be what help you he most right now.

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