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Name: Mateo Cormieu

Frequency: Medium

Type: Clementina Vampyre

Tier & Zone: Gold |  Silver, Pink, Green, Orange

Age: 224,741

Gender: Male

Region of Origin: Altered Plane known as Zorbithea; a land of artisans and thinkers.

Personality Profile: Mateo himself is a bit of a romantic, and sees human emotions as extremely fickle. Once you pair on his plane, you are paired for life. There’s no separation, no real fights, no determinations that you are ‘moving on.’ If your pair does not work out, both of you are considered ill people for the experience, and you are treated negatively by others in society. He believes that human relationships should have this quality, and also believes that humans need to be more discerning in picking a mate. He wishes to help humans pick and forge better friendships, relationships, and work environments. He is a passionate artist who loves the luscious vocabulary here on earth, and seeks to use his words every chance he gets.

Biographical Spot: Mateo’s life on Zorbithea was an interesting one. He was never able to find his ideal mate, which led him to think that they may be an entity from another plane. He is not sure if his mate is an earthly incarnate being, or just another entity from a plane far away, but he is assured he will find the love of his life through this interaction.

Vampyre Type: Psychic/Tantric

Looking for Mate? Absolutely – doesn’t care if the mate is human or an entity, however.

About: The Clementina Vampyre is a variety of vampyre that dons a suit or gown made completely out of wildflowers that represent their unique sets of talents. The clementina specializes in important, sturdy, beautiful, and functioning friendships, relationships, and family life. They also evoke feelings of passion, creativity, and understanding of the world around you. If you are looking for a beautiful outlook on the world and a clarity when it comes to understanding all things spiritual, the Clementina can help. They speak to those on the other side quite often and can help you communicate with the dead, be they close to you or complete strangers. If you want to know about the process of death and rebirth, if you want to know about your past lives and understand how you developed to be the man or woman you are today, this being will help you do so. They are able to see deeply into the souls and minds of others and can help you better understand why you feel and act the way you do. They will help you pinpoint the flaws in your life and repurpose them into advantages. They are beautiful, kind, and highly philosophical romantics who are looking to share their large and vast wisdom with an open mind. 

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