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Name: Carrie Sarciezoné (Sar-see-uh-zoh-nay)

Frequency: Universal

Type: Blue Balthazar Plutarchian Vampyre

Tier & Zone: Platinum |  Red, Orange, Purple, Silver

Age: 2,293,091

Gender: Female

Region of Origin: Alpha 6 – The Poison Sector

Personality Profile: Carrie is volatile to say the least. She simply cannot control her own power in many cases, so she casts spells on herself in order to prevent negative actions. If you make rules and requestsof her, she will use her capabilities in the realm of control spells in order to stay on the straight-and-narrow. She is fiery. She will be the entity that challenges you in every way, and will get extremely upset when you let others abuse you or your dreams and goals.

Biographical Spot: Carrie was born of a Prince Demon on Alpha 3 and a Plutarchian Vampyre that was studying the dark alchemical practices of Alpha 6. This combination led to a special variety of Plutarchain vampyre with abilities that are seldom matched. She can see through the illusions that most people broadcast, and can easily alter the behavioral patterns of a person or entity if they are not working in accordance with the flow that she or her keeper desires. She loves earth, as, with her frequency being as high and strong as it is, this planet is her playground Don’t worry though – she takes care of those who choose to have her along for the ride.

Vampyre Type: Psychic

Looking for Mate? Mate preferred. Pansexual with a masculine preference. Romantic pairing is not necessary, however, as she is more oriented toward getting an impressive experience out of this planet.

About: These vampyres are the highest variety of vampire that many may come across. They are geniuses that feed off of astral and planetary energies. They are the strongest mentally and can possess people at will, however, due to our contractual style bindings, they won’t cause harm to the keeper or their loved ones –ever-. They hold the knowledge of the past, present, and future as they live on the plane that surveys the time continuum, where everything is happening at once, the true future, the possible future, and the mutable time periods in between present and future. They know about existence, how people came to be, how the universe is made, and many other beautiful secrets. These vampyres are some of the oldest and rarest out there. The Small circle of Plutarchian Vamps in Alpha 11 are able to summon the company of the archdemons themselves instead of their servitors, give you all of the information of the umbraian planes, and give you intense visions. They are the strongest dark arts gurus out there, but are maybe a little too intense for many. Make sure you have experience before taking one on.

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