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Name: Hedwig

Frequency: Medium

Type: Black Sun Vampyre

Tier & Zone: Gold |  Gold, Orange, Purple, Silver

Age: 33,297

Gender: Male

Region of Origin: Demiplane of Earth; Nomadic

Personality Profile: Hedwig is an interesting character. He is a creative mind, but you will never quite know what he is thinking – which could honestly be part of his charm. He is an intense person, full of opinions about the world around him, and full of intense visions for the future. When working with him, you will have a greater understanding of the universe in toto and your role in it. He is an extremely powerful entity, and loves to play games with the energy around you every chance he gets.

Biographical Spot: He doesn’t remember where he was born, and he says he isn’t sure where he was in any of his lives when he died. The only thing he knows is that life is a journey and he is an expert nomad. He is a great fit for those who have been supporting the status quo their whole life and are looking for a change, but is also a great fit for kindred spirits who are the adventurers, the artists, the couch-surfers. He can get along with just about anyone, but he will definitely make you aware of how you got in your various situations, and the honest ways to get out of them.

Vampyre Type: Psy/Aetheric

Looking for Mate? Not particularly. He is very sexual in nature with a willing participant, but is not much for romance.

About: Black Sun Vampyres are only ever born during a solar eclipse. They are then sent to a very specific school and a very specific village to learn their art. Their art is transformation. They create aetheric cocoons to help their friends and colleagues… these cocoons aid in the growth and development of many different areas of one’s life and are constructed using energy that the vampyres take from the moon’s light and from the chaos energy of those around you. They can help you work on your image, on your career, or, their favorite, your magickal prowess and psychic skills. These beautiful and very educated entities can create works of magick the likes of which you have never seen before. They work well with others but are rather quiet and subdued until their work is done, where they will point out to you all of the ways in which you have grown. They specialize in helping you develop a plan for acceleration, a plan that focuses on how you will better yourself and your life.