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ABOUT THE NINGYO: The ningyo are a diverse aquatic yokai race of Japanese origin, that remain enigmatic among practicing spirit workers and Yokai story-tellers alike. The general consensus between the two, however, is that the ningyo are nearly impossible to resist, and will enact powerful charms and hypnotic states of vulnerability and suggestibility in those who are unprotected and unprepared. They do not seduce, but rather weaken the mind and will-power of those who are spiritually and emotionally weak. They are often compared to the Sirens and Merfolk of Westernized cultures; however, they are starkly different in both appearance and culture. Ningyo have a dominantly more "fish-like" appearance, while retaining a noticeably humanoid body structure. One may even describe their looks as a large Betta fish, with mermaid-like features from the waist up. The Ningyo tend to be more reserved and stoic in demeanor, and stress the importance of never revealing strategies or weaknesses to one's enemies or hungry predators. Despite negative descriptions of their physical appearance, the Ningyo are absolutely breathtaking to the eye, with a beauty seemingly not of this world. Many tend to have the same scale and color patterns as Koi fish; however, there are rare variants that have emerged from unique mutations and hybrid offspring with other aquatic races. They are incredibly sensitive to the emotional energy and innate intentions of others, and immediately know when defensive or hostile measures are warranted. Because of this, most are classified under light to heavy dark arts because of their capabilities to use magick for maim. 


NAME: Koraima

RACE/TYPE: Ningyo, spirit



AGE: 37,402 years

VESSEL: Direct or remote bind only

KORAIMA'S SONG CHOICE: Above & Beyond ft. Oceanlab – Lonely Girl (


APPEARANCE: Koraima manifests as a beautiful, regal aquatic humanoid with gradients of rainforest green and yellow throughout her body that shine with glittery iridescence. Her large, radiant, dark eyes catch the light like two gleaming cabochons of brown tiger’s eye stones—with slit pupils. Her hair seems to be made entirely of webbing, and her hands are similarly webbed as well. She has a gorgeous tail with various fin plumes and tendrils, and the middle of her body fades to a green-tinted white champagne color. Contrary to old lore, her face is more otherworldly than human and mundane, but she is breath-takingly alluring nevertheless. Only when absolutely necessary, Koraima may choose to use glamour magick to appear as a normal, unsuspecting Japanese womenfrom the waist up. 


ABOUT KORAIMA: Koraima is currently seeking a romantic connection with a female companion who is willing to love her endlessly, regardless of the ugliness that human lore has portrayed of her race. Koraima is specifically calling out to a soulmate (if you have to ask, you aren’t the one). She says that the companion she is calling to is a fierce, limitless, and uninhibited lover whose magnetism inspires others to live unapologetically in their truths—and love/accept themselves, flaws and all. Koraima implies that she would like to spend her time exploring that shared pared of her companion’s past. Koraima feels that her prospective companion bonds exceptionally well with yokai in general, no matter how dark, and this was true even in their past life. Koraima says that she and her prospective companion are both hopeless romantics, and share a mutual goal of helping love grow, succeed, and survive in a world that seems to perpetually continue cycles of terror and oppression, no matter how modern or how far technology/science has come. Koraima is the type of person to beam with adoration at couples who exude devotion and compassion for one another; she says that her prospective companion is the same way. However, Koraima also admits that she is somewhat traditional, and prefers an incredibly deep bond with another before initiating physical intimacy of any kind. Although she did not delve into great detail, Koraima suggests that her reason for pursuing her companion in this life is because of promises that were made between her and her prospective companion—promises that she has opted to omit from public view.


Koraima’s race is largely portrayed as grotesque, heartless, and unreasonably vindictive towards humankind. On the contrary, Koraima is incredibly sweet, caring, and sensitive to the needs and hurt of others, especially those who have earned her trust. However, she is still considered dark arts because of her capacity for destructive magick that, at its worst, can cause natural disasters—especially if conducted in unison with other ningyo who have been threatened, wronged, or harmed in any way. Koraima has an intense passion for magick, and a desire to connect with other sorceresses whom she can exchange knowledge and grow/learn with. Unsurprisingly, Koraima bonds well with other aquatics, and when it comes to humanoids in general, those who resonate most strongly with the power of water and the ocean. Among her peers, Koraima is known for her knack for bringing clarity to others, and finding necessary realization amidst chaos, vagueness, blurred lines among enemies/allies, and deception. Although she has an innate desire to heal others—especially those who have had to undergo unjust cruelty and traumatic experiences—she is also the first to point out when someone is downplaying the severity or true horror of a situation. In other words, she is generally light-hearted, but will not stand idly if someone she cares for is being gaslighted, taken for granted, etc. Koraima’s magick may be intense, but in general, she strives for a balanced existence, and knowing where benevolence/reward or punishment are needed most. She is not a centrist however, and firmly believes in the sayings “If you are neutral in times of oppression, you have taken the side of the oppressor,” as well as, “The opposite of Love is not Hate; it is Indifference.”


WHAT SHE OFFERS TO HER COMPANION: Weaponizing emotional energy to defend oneself or create curses, bringing destruction upon enemies who will not leave her companion alone (especially bullies and abusers), diplomacy when working with other yokai (especially dark-aligned or aquatic ones), deepening one’s connection to and enchancing one’s feminine energy, sea magick, effectively working with primordial elemental forces, truth-seeking, enhancing empath skills, encouraging loyalty in her companion’s peers/family, and romance.


EXAMPLES OF PREFERRED OFFERINGS: blue or green candles, vanilla incense, rose quartz, larimar, aquamarine, amazonite, clear quartz, malachite, sea shells, pearls (faux or real), rhodochrosite, yellow obsidian, EDM or R&B, any music with serene female vocals, seaweed snacks, savory vegetarian foods, rice-based dishes, fruit juice (koolaid etc. is okay), placing her vessel next to sea-salt water or moonwater, romantic movies/shows/literature, practicing magick with her keeper, and gentle intimacy (she will initiate, if ready/comfortable).




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