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If there were a hall of fame for favored magickal herbs through time, Lavender would be a hallmark. With it's fragrant smell, calming scent, and flexibility of use, it is an essential in every cupboard. We provide one of the stronger varieties straight from the Lavender fields of France.

Magickal Uses:  French Lavender is an amazing herb to use in spells and rituals to procure love, sleep, restfulness, protection, purity, romance, and motherhood. If you are looking to draw in a lover for alifetime or an evening. It is believed to aid in depression and anxiety healing and was known to preserve chastity and help a woman recover from obscene crimes against her in antiquity. They are great for sleep sachets and love charms.

Health Uses:  Lavender is sometimes used in teas, but is mostly used for calming aromatherapy. Because of a lack of knowledge of the effects of the plant, The US NIH claims it is safe in food amounts for most people but that one should monitor any issues with it, as it can induce photosensitivity and can effect sensitive skin. Always ask your doctor before consuming!

Consumability: Medium

Sold in 1 Oz by Volume.