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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Laurel

Frequency: Medium

Type: Black Eyed Susan

Tier & Zone: Gold  Purple, Red, Orange, Silver

Age: 19,897

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Laurel is an intuitive companion. She can sense energetic issues a mile away and is very talented at breaking down hexes, dominating the opposition, and helping you to overcome your own personal insecurities. She is a brilliant and whip-smart companion who will help you see your life in a fearless manner. She believes that all things are possible with the right teammates and is very talented at assembling teams of talented companions to help you both field the many different issues that will come up in a spiritual person’s life. She understands that these obstacles are character building, allowing for a stronger leader and a more impactful revolutionary. If you feel a draw to this listing but feel like you aren’t a revolutionary or an impactful person, think again. This world has big plans for you, and Laurel is interested in putting them into motion.

Specialties: Protection, Absolution, Removal of toxic people, healing, motivation, lessons, learning, memory, strength, physical condition, personal growth.

Physical Features: Laurel appears as a young blonde girl with sallow, white skin and black eyes. She sometimes paints a black heart over her monochrome lips. She wears fringe dresses with tall black boots.

About: Black Eyed Susans are a very special variety of being. They are martyrs in their own right but are feared all the same by the multitudes around them. They have adapted and developed into beings who suck out the toxic energy of others and take it into themselves. You will find that toxic, confusing, upsetting, or health-disturbing energies will be taken from your presence, as these beauties suck it entirely into their aura. As opposed to other beings who take it and disperse it, they take it and filter it, returning it to the world around. The demons, leeches, and other negative entities and energies they take darken their eyes. The Black Eyed Susan at full ‘health’ has pure white eyes, but they become pitch black with time. They have adapted to a point where they cannot properly use clean energy, and simply go through phases of sickness and health that are now normal to them. They will show you very openly the sources of toxicity in your life and will help you make the hard hitting life decisions that otherwise may be too difficult for you. They are lamenters as well… if you are depressed or grieving, they will weep for you until you are better. They will take that energy and vibration off of you in hopes that they can sort it for you. They are extremely powerful but emotionally are very primal. You won’t hear them speak very often but they will often make strong points without the necessity of words. If you are drowning in the types of problems listed above, and you have done everything, this may be the last little thing to help with treatment or other things. They feel all emotions, art, music, and other expressions very openly and very much, and you will find this pattern reaching into your day to day life as well.

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