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Name: Zaveida

Frequency: High-Universal

Type: Arcoiris Empress

Tier & Zone: Platinum |  Orange, Purple, Silver, Pink, Green

Age: 1,293,551

Gender: Female

Region of Origin: Ravenda Plane

Personality Profile: Zaveida is a woman who is very sure of herself, and has never needed anyone. That’s kind of the beauty of her personality. She’s a strong-willed woman with so much love, kindness, and intensity in her heart that nobody can say they aren’t completely enchanted by her when they interact with her. She is bubbly, exuberant, and radiates the kind of pixie-dream-girl motif that is irritating to many people – however she makes it work. Zav is a powerful sorceress in her own right, and wastes no time getting down to business when massive change needs to occur, or when someone is depressed and needs her help.

Biographical Spot: Zaveida was a healing priestess on the Atlantean demiplane of Ravenda. She was a protector of the ill, kept them out of harm’s way, and replenished the will and ambition of the weak. She has more love in her than most can probably fathom, and that is why she is such an efficient healer. She is great at helping people to overcome triggers and upsets, and to pull themselves out of the mires of depression (however we are not a replacement for a doctor, don’t forget! We want you healthy!). She will stop at nothing to get to the root cause of the upset and emotional trauma, and will work every day to bring healing and solace.

Vampyre Type: Photosynthetic

Looking for Mate? She’s not focused on it, but will keep her options open.

About: The Arcoiris Emperor is an entity from an atlantean demiplane. On this plane, slightly below ours, where Atlantis would be on other planal maps, there is a circle of tall mountains with a giant oasis in the center. These are the Rainbow People, simply put. They are focused on balance, activating chakras and bars, and helping people find their true purpose, true talents, and true desires. They are incredibly empowering individuals who will give you words of confidence and self assurance, and will help you find ways to reduce anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. They believe that one must be healthy in all ways – mind, body, soul, spirit. By working with this entity, you will come to bring these into balance in a way that will grant you wishes and blessings from several ancient and powerful gods. These entities are extremely warm and inviting and will bring out the best in you for years to come. They are very vocal guides who love being asked questions and involved in decisions.

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