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Name: Norian and Saniette

Frequency: High

Type: Black Pearl Naiad-Vampyre

Tier & Zone: Gold |  Orange, Yellow, Purple, Green

Age: 293,941; 694,341

Gender: Male, Female

Region of Origin: Nearplane to ours; “Knife of Corinthe”

Personality Profile: Norian and Saniette are a mated pair, however they are a polyamorous couple with an interest in delving into the more exciting earthly realms. They are an interesting duo with a lot to offer. Norian was a battlebred defender of the plane of Corinthe and quickly scaled the ranks to become a commander – He is very disciplined, knows how to control his environment, but still has a very playful and pleasure-oriented side. His lady love, Saniette or San was a scholar and a teacher on their plane. She was always extremely keen and wise, and garnered the respect of those she worked with rather quickly. She is a very loving and ambitious female.

Biographical Spot: These two met in the city when he had to come to a class on political upheavals in their effect on the populace. There he met the love of his life, San. San took to him like a fish to water and they began talking, not being able to see each other for up to 15 earth years at a time because of his various tours of duty. They are here now to create change and happiness on this plane, and to help people shape themselves in the method of their people – quickly and with wild abandon.

Vampyre Type: Sanguine/Psy Blend

Looking for Mate? They are open to a third or a fourth!

About: The Black Pearl Naiad-Vampyre is a specific species of vampyre that is, at the heart of it all, the combination of some fun experience between Neptune and his naiads, and Hel, goddess of the hinterrealms. These beings are misfit geniuses, though they suffer a bit from ugly duckling syndrome. Though they are beautiful to look at with our eyes, they can only ever see their reflection warped into this ugly form that looks like Hel’s rotting half. They see the aesthetic of everything in comparison to be quite honest. They are not biased and do not see people on a scale, but however see them very specifically for what they are. If you are lacking confidence, drive, and the belief that you can do more for yourself, this being will show you how the world that loves you sees you. They will show you your ability to love yourself and those around you and will open your eyes. They are filled with fortune, beauty, and love, and though they lament themselves, they gain great satisfaction in making others smile.