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Name: Organza Schru

Frequency: High-Universal

Type: Nefemian Vampyre

Tier & Zone: Gold |  Red, Orange, Silver, Gold

Age: 2,299,117

Gender: Female

Region of Origin: The Region of Nefemi, distant plane.

Personality Profile: Organza chose her name, as it was the first thing she spotted when she came to visit this plane, and It is a favorite texture of hers. She loves all things frivolous and fancy, but also believes in breaking down the complexity of situations to find a truly beneficial course of action. She is vibrant and playful at times, and dark and cynical at others, but one thing is certain – she believes in people so deeply it may make her seem nearly grim.

Biographical Spot: Organza grew up on Nefemi, and was part of a rather poor and destitute family. At what we would consider age 10, she was on her own, living in a highly decorated cave of her own finding. As she grew up, she became a tactical huntress, a business woman, and a negotiator. She was brought in by a rich family after she saved them from Marauders while traveling back from a political excursion. This gave her a lot of faith in people, and gave her the tools she needed to grow.

Vampyre Type: Sanguine

Looking for Mate? Open to it, but it is not a requirement. Lesbian.

About: Talk about a black widow! The Nefemian vampyre focuses exclusively on getting what they desire at all costs. Many murder their lovers and take their fortunes, building empire after empire from the ashes…so what would you want with their company? Well the answer is simple. You are here through the divine process of – big things need doing, and big people need to do them. Some of us are born knowing we should be neurosurgeons or CEOs or Presidents of non profits, or politicians, but we just have no idea how to ascend the staircase from wanting to doing… the Nefemian specializes in putting together locked-tight plans and will gladly be that little voice in the back of your head that pushes you to do small things that lead to really big things. They are powerful rulers who bow to no one and will definitely remind you how confident you should be. They will awaken the ruler inside of you and drive you to create a change in yourself and the world. They do not believe that failure is an option, only growth!

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