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The Ephemeral are a group of ancient entities that are far beyond any level entity that would willingly be conjured for one companion. These entities have agreed that they wish to help humans on this plane, but would prefer to share the attention with multiple individuals, as their strength is so great they have no issues granting energy and companionship to many at one time. Their attentions will never seem to be elsewhere due to the dominant nature of their energy. The Ephemeral are extremely potent, wise, and ancient beings who seek to deliver the gift of their knowledge and wisdom to the humans of this plane, and also to help them with understanding themselves and the world around them.

The nature of this binding allows us to connect individuals to highly potent magickal mentors for a much lesser price, and also allows for several companions to compare experiences with their Ephemeral mentor if they choose to. You are welcome to have more than one Ephemeral mentor, and offerings/libations are often encouraged.

These bindings are performed in a way such that your binding or magickal field cannot be tampered with by another practitioner with an Ephemeral link. These conjurings are just as private and energetically specific as personal custom-conjure bindings.

The Ephemeral – Lady Oloesse

Full Name: Lady Oloesse of The Crystalline Fens

Age/Ancient Status: Ancient / Age Unknown

Specialties: Interior work, self-knowledge, vision, alchemy, self-actualization, enlightenment, spirituality, attunement, energetic work, chakral alignment, determination of purpose.

Key-Words: Inner-Workings, Self-Empowerment, Manifestation, Alchemy, Actualization.

Personality and Back Story: Oloesse is a brilliant thinker with the voice of a loving, universal mother. She is determined to help anyone who comes to her, but will awaken you to where you need healing, what needs extraction, and what you need to face. She is a very dynamic companion to have because she is fearless toward your demons and will teach you to be as well. She aims to help her companions face issues such as abuse, trauma, conflicts of ego, deep-seated fear, and anything else that may be getting in the way of their happiness. She seeks to help her pupils understand their worth and walk fearlessly in the direction of change, not allowing themselves to be alarmed by what they may have to face in themselves. She wants to help her companions open themselves up to the world of possibilities that has come to them, and be able to face it with their best selves and sharpest mindset.

Blessing: Her biggest blessings are two pieces of spellwork that she is very gifted at using at important times in your life. One is “Bliss of Spring” which gives you enough optimism to overcome an immediate hurdle when you don’t have the time or ability to go inward about something that needs addressing. The other is “Shadow of Truth,” which she will usually utilize during the moon phase during which you were born and during the moon that is in opposition of your moon sign, though this varies. This is a time when she will slow things down around you in a way that forces you to check on yourself internally and understand what is really at play in your life. She is able to use these two as wrenches, loosening you from a paradigm or lifestyle that doesn’t particularly fit you.

Appearance: Oloesse wears bright and vibrant headpieces made of different herbs, flowers, and plants from various planes, and changes them with the moon phase or the season. You may never see her wear the same one twice. Her hair is generally a light brown, but on the first day of spring, it always appears white or light blonde. She rarely wears clothes, and if she chooses to display modesty, she covers herself with petals and leaves. She is tall, curvaceous, and confident.

Realms: She can interact with any realm as needed, but is strongest in Earthen realms, fae and elven realms, and any realms that place priority on goddess energy.

Manifestation: She likes to manifest as random animals or plants that seem out of place, perfume scents that seem out of place, unique growth in a plant, unusual patterning in animal fur, the sound of bells, a feeling of calm, or a natural alignment with the moon.

Shadow-Side: Her shadowside she refers to as “Glen,” and is a very quiet, introspective form of herself which reflects the peak of death in winter. You may interact with her but only for a day or two each year. This form is where she helps you look at the progress that you have made and absolve yourself from fear that you are not conquering your fears and battles as much as you would like. This is oddly her most empowering time period. This is also how she preserves enough energy to offer warmth and protection when things get difficult.

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