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Name: Mystique

Frequency: Universal

Type: Dharma Vampyre

Tier & Zone: High Gold |  Purple, Silver, Gold, Orange

Age: 3,929,411

Gender: Female

Region of Origin: Demiplane of Earth, Near Earth’s Goa, however she traveled a lot.

Personality Profile: Mystique is class, sass, and a whole lot of crass. She loves telling jokes, has a wit as sharp as a knife, and will catch you off guard at every turn. She is a believer in second chances and redemption but only suits a keeper who has intense desires in life. If your desires amount to a cozy cottage in the woods and silence, she may not be the perfect guide for you. If, however, you are oriented toward a life where you can start a movement, become the CEO of a company, or lead the next generation to reverse climate change; or even if you want to say something through art or song – she is your lady. She is a powerful vision of a woman who brings enlightenment to any who ask and are prepared, and all she wants to do is draw people toward their true purpose, and the height of their potential.

Biographical Spot: Mystique gave herself this name after finding a Book of Shadows from another entity, one who she has never met, and suspects she never will. It simply said “Livre Mystique,” on the front with a picture of the earth and 6 differently colored moons that made a small rainbow around it. This book taught her a great deal about the plane she was on and the various other planes within reach. She became obsessed with Earth, and decided she had some big messages to share.

Vampyre Type: Photosynthetic / Psy

Looking for Mate? No, but she loves to flirt.

About: Dharma Vampyres are innovative entities who work with the eternal power of Dharma – the cosmic truth. This vampyre works by stripping away doubts, emotions, and energies that lead an individual away from the dharma – in a direction that is false and not in line with the cosmic truth. There is disconnect, often, between the body and the spirit. The emotions and poisons of the body cloud the truth of the spirit, something that pervades a person’s life through depression, upset, and anxiety. The Dharma Vampyre helps us to eliminate those energies in our lives that keep us from pursuing our dreams and enjoying every single day. They are empowering entities who are capable of drawing in large amounts of spectral energy and are able to help you gain perspective on your feelings and why they exist. Their mission is not to eliminate strife, but rather to put it in perspective.

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