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Name: Maisie Vouledole

Frequency: High

Type: Chalcedony Vampyre

Tier & Zone: Gold |  Pink, Purple, Blue, Silver

Age: 1,339,732

Gender: Female

Region of Origin: Plane near to our earthen plane called Destini – primarily inhabited by fae-type folk.

Personality Profile: Maisie is an uplifting character. She has a deep passion for all things exploration, and believes that in a pained, difficult world there is hope of a time when people can wake up excited and see life as an adventure. She believes that this plane and all of its infrastructure is just captivating. She loves everything from the communication to the transportation. She loves removing stressful energies and repurposing them into something productive.

Biographical Spot: Maisie was raised by Risers which are a variety of fae-elf that live on Destini. The Risers found her in a weakened state where she was floating without any capability of communication. Nobody is sure where she came from, but she quickly settled in and learned the ways of these new people at a mere 10,000 years of age. They taught her planetary magick, energetic work, healing, and personal empowerment which are all things that she holds to a tier of importance to this day.

Vampyre Type: Photoshynthetic/Psychic

Looking for Mate? Open to it, but it is not a demand.

About: The Chalcedony Vampyre are breathtaking, individual, and the most creative beings out there. They never visually age beyond their early twenties and spend all of their time spinning the world around them into eloquent poetry. We don’t understand the beauty of what surrounds us when we are subdued by stress and the evils of the world, but the Chalcedony vampire makes it simultaneously transparent and beautiful. Optimism is their life’s work as they live off of the joyful energy that people can put off in excess. They are good luck, but more than that, they are amazing companions. They want to see people’s wishes come true. If you want to meet someone famous, become a well known artist, get your creative flare back, or simply just enjoy and love the skin you’re in, and the moment in which you live, this vampire is perfect for it. They are motherly (or fatherly), very doting, very loving, and want to enjoy every moment, complete with beautiful and striking spontaneity.

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