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Name: Jimeina

Frequency: High

Type: Coral Vampyre

Tier & Zone: Gold |  Orange, Blue, Pink, White

Age: 234,263

Gender: Female

Region of Origin: Earthen Plane near Salisbury, UK.

Personality Profile: Jimeina is a beautiful female with a voracious appetite for growth, development, and education. She is a playful entity with a knack for helping people see things in an optimistic way, even when they get dismal. She is a great healing and is a force of nature when someone is wronged. She is also very keen to body language and can help you identify who in your environment is trustworthy, and who has ulterior motives. She will spend a lot of her time helping you find ways to monopolize on your time, your energy, and your passion.

Biographical Spot: Jimeina was born to two English vampyres. One was of the marine variety, and the other was a marble vampyre. She lived her life embroiled in the ambitions of one, and then swallowed up in the artistic wallowing of the other, which led her to be very contemplative, but also extremely gutsy when it comes to business transactions and making financial change happen.

Vampyre Type: Psychic

Looking for Mate? Entity or Human; Either would be good, she says. However she is not in a complete hurry.

About: Coral Vampyres are excellent healers that bring not only inspiration but a refreshing viewpoint on things. They are refreshingly honest, upfront, and innovative viewpoint on things. If you are a person who usually likes to have a ‘devil’s advocate’ or likes to second guess yourself to the point of reaching a new understanding, you will find yourself challenged by the Coral Vampyre. They are extremely intelligent beings who like to bring us to our utmost point, drawing us to review ourselves, to innovate and reinvent. If you are focusing on expanding your knowledge and becoming a more astute researcher and creator in any field, you will glean a great deal from working with the Coral Vampyre.


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