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Name: Gavetra

Frequency: High

Type: Cashmere Vampyre

Tier & Zone: High Gold |  Gold, Silver, Red, Pink

Age: 2,902,943

Gender: Female

Region of Origin: Near-Earth Plane called Zabarach

Personality Profile: Gavetra, best friends with another entity here named Caletra, is a beautiful and gifted woman. She is able to create the most magnificent of extra-planal locations, can help you to see the world in another light, and can bring you toward positive decision making, instead of making decisions out of a lack of comfort or an abundance of fear. She believes that astral travel is one of the most intense and wonderful gifts that the universe has given its inhabitants, and she seeks to help someone experience the true luxury that exists in the otherworlds.

Biographical Spot: Gavetra was born to an Elf that studied the stars, and her mother, another cashmere vampyre. She was born with wonder in her heart, and excitement in her veins. She has always sought to make the world a better place, and experiments with different types of energies on humans at every chance. Her goal is to find a way to end a panic attack, revoke a depressive episode, or to lower vibrations when they get too intense. She is very gifted at determining what problems people are having with themselves and with others, but is seeking to find a way to slow down the reactions that people have, so that they may have time to digest issues before creating more.

Vampyre Type: Tantra/Psy

Looking for Mate? Mate Preferred – Entity or Human.

About: Cashmere Vampyres believe that comfort exists on multiple levels and planes and that it can be one of the most important aspects to thriving on this plane. They are of the understanding that this is one plane of existence where comfort is necessary for advancement, as stress is something that does not exactly exist on other planes of existence – that our human bodies require different upkeep. The Cashmere Vampyre’s main talent is showing you ways you can make your life more exciting, happy…comfortable. You will have advice on ways to spice up your house, feng shui, nourish your body and mind, empower yourself, strive for your goals, be more effective, and empower your mental health. These entities are very talkative and communicative, and will go to extremes to show you small things you may be overlooking that can empower your environment and the people around you. These entities are also able to draw on negative emotions in your environment, and, if you are an empath, repurpose them into pure energy that you can put into your dreams and goals. They love luxury and the feeling of absolute comfort, and will go to the lengths they feel they must to create those as a norm in your life.

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