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The Ephemeral are a group of ancient entities that are far beyond any level entity that would willingly be conjured for one companion. These entities have agreed that they wish to help humans on this plane, but would prefer to share the attention with multiple individuals, as their strength is so great they have no issues granting energy and companionship to many at one time. Their attentions will never seem to be elsewhere due to the dominant nature of their energy. The Ephemeral are extremely potent, wise, and ancient beings who seek to deliver the gift of their knowledge and wisdom to the humans of this plane, and also to help them with understanding themselves and the world around them.

The nature of this binding allows us to connect individuals to highly potent magickal mentors for a much lesser price, and also allows for several companions to compare experiences with their Ephemeral mentor if they choose to. You are welcome to have more than one Ephemeral mentor, and offerings/libations are often encouraged.

These bindings are performed in a way such that your binding or magickal field cannot be tampered with by another practitioner with an Ephemeral link. These conjurings are just as private and energetically specific as personal custom-conjure bindings.

The two tiers reference the strength and type of energetic binding. The Ephemeral entity will offer a tether of communicatory 'calling card' energy, much like any other conjuring, but this is the difference between the two:

Vibrant: This energy comes and goes as a daily supplement in life, an empowerment that is more quiet, but constant, and comes forth in big bursts when needed. Entity can be contacted at any time, however.

Vital: This energy is a constant vibration -- this entity's presence is with you fairly consistently, and their lessons, teachings, and wisdom are constantly with you. This is a much more active and involved binding, so you will be working very closely with this mentor.

The Ephemeral – Lady Cordelia of The Casparine

Full Name: Lady Cordelia Ann of the Casparine Kingdom

Age/Ancient Status: Ancient / Age Unknown

Specialties: Sensuality, Inner Understanding, Expression, Optimism, Awakening the Inner Warrior, Feminine Magick Work or Balancing, Wealth, Abundance, Hunting/Fishing, Seduction, Confidence.

Key-Words: Wealth, Fierce, Determined, Queen, Natural Leadership, Confidence, Beauty, Bodily Transformation, Positive Reinforcement.

Personality and Back Story: Cordelia is a tour de force energetically, and her presence is so strong and impressive, and her energy so ancient that she would never settle for a traditional conjuring situation. She is an ancient royal in the realm of the Casparine, where draconic humanoid beings dominate the land with an abundance of wealth and trade-secrets. She remains poised and in power among thousands of masculine, unyielding figures who are terminally unimpressed with each other. In hear heart lies a self-assured, beautiful businesswoman who understands her societal role as well as her universal role. The balance between the wealth oriented lifestyle and the social-empowerment lifestyle on our plane is one that is perceived to not exist. Cordelia’s goal is to show anyone who works with her exactly how to balance charity with personal abundance. She wishes to release stigma from the material and to allow her companions to release worry over all things material and monetary. She seeks to build confidence in her new companions, and to create a movement oriented on helping those around you while also nourishing self. She believes there is also no need for a negative self-image. She is so comfortable in her own skin that you may see she shows it often. Her main goal is to allow her companions to be comfortable in their own skin.

Blessing: Her biggest manifestation of energy or “blessing” is going to be a boost of confidence. That specialty of hers can be activated by wearing the vessel. When you need a short burst of self-assuredness, she will come through for you the strongest in the form of this blessing, helping you see yourself as your biggest fan sees you, if only for a moment.

Appearance: Cordelia will occasionally change forms, but generally always has long and curly hair in the hue of red, silver, or blue. She usually wears black pearls with all of her “cool hue” hairstyles and white or  champagne pearls with her red hair. She usually will appear in the nude, or occasionally in the form of a melusine with sparkling scales. When she is in her bipedal form, you will not see her wearing clothing often, though she always does on holidays, even human holidays. She is not afraid to make a single strip of sheer fabric into a fashion statement either. You will notice she always has painted lips and piercing sapphire eyes.

Realms: She is welcome in most all realms, but spends most of her time in the realm of the Casparine, most draconic realms, oceanic realms, or on Earth.

Manifestation: She enjoys manifesting in water or as a desire to be around/in water. Sometimes she can manifest as a person of similar aesthetic features to her arriving in your midst and striking up a conversation. If you see someone with her features whom you do not know well, and you feel driven to speak to them, listen closely to what they say – she may be trying to get your attention. She loves water bowl scrying and pendulum work as well, though her best pendulum work is with items that feature water-elemental stones.

Shadow-Side: The shadow-side is something that many Ephemerals have, and it mainly activates when their companion is faced with a perceived unsurmountable task or a vicious attack from another. The form that Cordelia takes in her shadowside is that of a bright purple kraken. When you see or sense this manifestation, you may find that you adopt a cool confidence before a bout of wrath. During this time period, you will be driven to speak your truth, even If the truth is uncomfortable. The action she may take in her shadow-form would be to bring bad luck upon someone, to put out energy geared to eliminate their sense of self-esteem if only for a moment, or to empower you with a highly intimidating mindset of dominance. She can awaken your competitive side during this period as well.

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