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Name: Koda
Type: Spanish Red Lion Chimera
Tier & Zone: Silver | Red, Gold, Orange
Frequency: Medium
Age: 287
Gender: Male
Personality Profile: Koda is young, rambunctious, and rebellious. He is at a fantastic age where he is able to be a bit goofy, lively, and fun-loving. He appreciates an abundance of fun and communication in his world and focuses on bringing a sense of security and a little positivity wherever he goes.
About: This variety of Chimera is the high protector of all things royal and all things of value. This variety of Chimera is of an energy related to the Egyptian sphinx. They are much like classic Grecian chimera, but are a dark, dusty red in color, are more protective, and are known to hide intense amounts of wisdom that are only accessible by their companion or their companion’s heir. This chimera is very keen on addressing weaknesses in the guard of your home and your person. They can see the flaws in security just about anywhere. If you are in a high crime area, they will help you avoid being chosen. These strong and beautiful creatures carry with them a hot blazing breath of fire. They help aid you in avoiding conflict everywhere you go and can protect you from psychic attack.

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