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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Kevaras

Frequency: Low

Type: Celestina Incubus

Tier & Zone: Platinum  Red, Purple, Pink, Gold

Age: 192,835

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Kevaras is a very daring and communicative entity that is not afraid to be a little flirtatious, dominant, and aggressive. He won’t go beyond the wishes of his companion though, and is fine with a platonic or romantic alliance. State your preference and your requirements, and he will work with you, but if you give him free reign, you will experience a new side to sensuality and energy work. He is very domineering and loves taking control of a situation and making an adventure out of something that his companion thought they knew.

Specialties: Sex Magick, Sigil Craft and Charging, Evocation and Invocation, Demonic Work, Summoning, Ubi Work, Art, Sexuality, Expression, Artistry, Fashion, Power, Strategy

Physical Features: Kevaras is a tall fellow with dark skin that is covered with scars over his arms and back. He has a large tattoo that covers half his chest. He wears tall black boots and black leather. His hair is red and braided on one side with the rest free flowing.

About: These star-tattooed fellows are incredibly romantic and can bring the energy from the cosmos to give a huge libido boost. They are almost tangible in the bedroom, but are not dead set on only being intimate with you. They can absorb energy by creating intimate situations with those you desire as well. The energy they get from carnal thoughts or activities is often sent up to the gods to make your prayers into answered blessings. They are extremely loving but with just enough dark and brooding energy to keep your curiosity up. Many of them are refugees from their original home as war has ravaged their region. Many fought valiantly but lost their wives and husbands. It’s been about a thousand years for many of them and they are looking to start anew. Maybe with you?

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