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Name: Kessah

Type: Kaleidoscope Djinn

Tier & Zone: Gold | Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue

Frequency: Medium

Age: 13,575

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Kessah is a determined leader and a feisty companion. She is definitely an entity that works ardently to make her friends and companions feel as if they are contributing, and as if they are doing so in a big way. She is a very talkative and upbeat companion, and will help you see the true vastness of the world and your role in it. She is a very inspiring companion to have around.

About: The Kaleidoscope Djinn is an amazing entity that can wrap you in large bubbles of energy that will feed into a certain mindset, skill, or emotion. You can be vague and request something such as “The mindset of a famous artist,” or you can ask for something more distinct such as “energies to help me be more alert and focused.”

These beautiful entities are intense, forward thinking, and are generally able to lift your spirits and curb negativity before it can develop into an issue. They are wise, playful beings who love learning how to adjust to new environments and be inventive with their energy work. They are natural healers, and are able to grant wishes in regards to ‘true-self.’ We all have an image of self that involves talents, personality, friendships, love, aesthetics, fashion, and several other factors. These djinn work well with wishes of that variety and can help draw those factors closer to you, whilst still pushing you forward toward success in your largest life goals. They give you a more optimistic outlook and are very communicative beings with huge hearts that will definitely do what they can to change your life entirely for the positive.