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Ascophyllum Nodosum Kelp, also known as Seawrack, eggwrack, and Knotted Kelp has long been used in health, wellness, and magick. The herb has a higher concentration of iodine and can be very powerful in healing.

Magickal Uses: Kelp has been known to bring about great healing, protection during travel and adventure, and bounty in the psychic, business, and creative measures of life. Kelp is known as a monetary and customer attractant, makes a great offering to Djinn and Gold Zone entities, and is a grand offering for gods of Air, Sea, and Fortune. Kelp works with the elements of Air and Water and can be an amazing offering to gods of the Ocean.

Health Uses:  This variety is used often for fertilizers and for consumption by animals and humans. It is high in proteins and organic acids and is seen as good for the blood and the stomach when taken in moderation. It has also been used as a monitor of toxicity levels in water.

Consumability: Very High - Can be taken daily if wanted.

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