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Name: Katalaina

Frequency: Universal

Type: High Priestess of the Black Walnut Grove

Tier & Zone: Legendary |  All-Zone encompassing

Age: 11,151,211

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Katalaina is a master of magick. She is a bright, intuitive, communicative, and intense companion to have as she keeps her eyes on the prize and dominates whenever she puts energy into something. She is a well-read and very knowledgeable companion who is quite connected with the energies of most divinity. She is a great conduit for messages from the divine, and is not afraid to bring you the intense messages you have been missing out on.

Specialties: Messages, Recall, Past Life Regression, pathworking, Deity Work, Oracle, Tarot, and Scrying.

Physical Features: She is tall with pale white skin, dark hair with long bangs, and usually is seen carrying a pitcher or a book.

About: The Black Walnut Grove is a plane where one can access not only their own akashic records, but those of others in their same spirit group. This is a magickal place where one can, with ease, connect to their higher self and the higher frequencies of those who are considered soul mates and twin flames. This grove contains millennia of information. From memories to learned facts, tactics to old friendships ready to be rekindled – this grove is a place where you can access the vast secrets of the cosmos, or simply determine why it is that you were born in this world with certain fears and phobias. The High Priestess Elves that live in this grove are specialists in accessing its information. They are wise, intelligent, and witty women with a passion for developing new methods of astral travel and regression. Their methods are intense but can cause more realistic regressions that are more hands-on, and are less frame-by-frame. If you meditate with them for quite some time, you may be able to access one of their ‘walking regressions,’ where you are able to walk around a past life of your own, or of a close spiritual family member, as if you were living one day in that person’s shoes. You will be able to access a small niche in time through the portals that these elves are able to open within each tree in the grove. The largest tree in the grove is the tree of infinite gnosis, one that can take you on journeys of alchemy, vision-seeking, and higher-self communication.