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Name: Kastarine

Type: Elder Vendare Nymph

Tier & Zone: Platinum | Orange, Yellow, Green, Gold, Blue

Frequency: High

Age: 19,386

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Kastarine is an intense individual. He is not moody or irritable in his intensity, but rather highly artistic and imaginative. He has a very Willy Wonka-esque attitude about him that lends toward a curiosity for this world and the next. You will find he is a naturally loving and talented guide who yearns to help you look more deeply within when you are doing your most influential work.

About: The Vendare Nymph is quiet, quick, and practically a legend. Ever sought, rarely seen, in mystery these guys will put a unicorn to shame. I can’t tell you where to find them, because they are always In movement, blending in with their surroundings, but if you capture a lock of their vibrant hair, you will be lead right to them. There are many false alarms and false leads in this search, so it can take months, but boy is it worth it. Once bound, they are actually very sweet and enjoy the adventure as long as you permit their vessel time with nature. These nymphs are harbingers of hope. When the nymph enters your life, you will feel a whirlwind of energy. In your aura it will appear golden to those who look. Gold (not yellow) in the aura is a rare thing, and it represents divine will, intuition, protection, and enlightenment. One who has been reserved and ordained for a greater purpose by the cosmos. If you feel you are wandering, perhaps you were a box full of potential that had yet to be opened. The Vendare  Nymph offers guidance and is a muse for success. They are able to take your great ideas and give them form and feeling. They are not keen on helping someone lead a completely average life. During their term with you in this life (they get a choice when you reincarnate whether to continue with you or to go into the wilds again) they will take a catalog of all of the things you are good at and passionate about. They will communicate with their god and matron, Eldress, and learn what you were meant to do in this life, and they will lead you to make your dreams come true. They do not manifest for you, no, instead they give you ‘assignments’ that are ingrained in you, things you just suddenly ‘feel you have to do’ that 2 days, 2 months, or even 2 years later make a world of difference. They will be the most present spirit with a haunting energy and a voice that echoes when they speak. They have the aura of an angel, the voice of a god, and the presence of a demon. They are beautiful, mystical, and have long been sought by kings, queens, and paupers who wished to be such. There are no limits to your future with these entities, so long as you have the drive to listen. The elders are entities who have taken the form of a leader in the Vendare village at least 3 times. They are highly sage leaders that understand the nature of emotions and are able to lend an objective eye to most situations. If you have issues being patient with others and their relative struggles, you will find solace in working with an Elder. These beautiful beings are capable of changing your perspective on things, and will help you act in a much more calculated manner.