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Name: Kanjaeh

Type: Monarch Dragon

Tier & Zone: Gold | Yellow, Orange, Purple, Silver

Frequency: Medium

Age: 39,586

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Kanjaeh is a courageous companion that loves to bring uplifting and inspiring energies forth whenever you need them. He is a naturally gifted communicator and is quite passionate about human happiness as he believes it is far too limited and far too rare. He communicates in most any language and is very gifted at manifesting in the form of wildlife if he cannot communicate as well in other ways. He loves offerings of honey, live plants, and brown sugar. He is a highly friendly and upbeat companion.

About: It’s been said that if you see a Monarch Butterfly pass your path, it’s a great sign, as you have been blessed by royalty, and you will find financial blessings aplenty. The Monarch Dragon could definitely fit into this phrase, as they are superbly blessed as beacons of social climbing, growth, development, financial prosperity, and avoidance of trauma and misfortune. These beautiful butterfly-winged dragons create bright green and gold auric circles to surround you with that prevent distraction, moneyfalls, and the possibility of being victimized by schemes. They are great and positive guardians that help you take charge of your life, your job, and your finances and help you find your own ‘royalty’ in this life. These entities are blessed accompanying beings that will only draw those with big and truly important goals – important in a universal way. They are blessed entities by the god Apollo and therefore are quite powerful.