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Name: Kalla

Type: Alureida High Serpentine Master

Tier & Zone: Platinum | Orange, Silver, Red, Purple

Frequency: Medium

Age: 17,835        

Gender: Fluid, usually with feminine aesthetic.

Personality Profile: Kalla appears as an androgynous anthropomorphic entity with serpents trailing over their body and with bright green eyes and pale skin. They are a very wise, cunning, and interesting entity to work with. They constantly walk and work with an air of mystery, but do have a deep love and compassion for their companions, even if they do not consistently let it show.

About: The Alureida High Serpentine Master is an entity that we have come across only recently. These tall, dark entities are full of wonder and mystery, and coming into contact with them is truly an enlightening experience. The Alureida is a type of dark high elf that specializes in working with Alureidan Serpents, large legless dragons that guard the secrets of wealth, manifestation, and ascension magick. They are extremely powerful and visionary creatures that are able to connect you with oracle visions of your future. You can work with their magick to better understand the path you are on, the end results of current actions, and ways in which you can relieve current life struggles. The Serpentine Masters and Mistresses help you work with these entities in astral, and also to get more out of your connection with earthen spirit animals, familiars, and nature symbols. They are able to levy great blessings or high curses for their companions, making them fairly dark arts companions. They will go out of their way to aggressively defend their companions and are masters of retribution and finding weakness in the opposition. You will notice that when working with them you work with a greater confidence in your future, in your abilities, and in your purpose because of their energies and demeanors. They are natural leaders with a regal presence and great connections that will motivate you to create active change in your life.

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