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THERE ARE ONLY 30 OF THESE! (10 were made after the pictures were taken of the 20 shown).

All of the bracelets are hand-made and the majority have real labradorite, amethyst, citrine, calcite, sodalite, obsidian, hematite, murano glass, laquered wood, and recycled lucite beads. All of them are cleansed, infused with powerful energies, and are stretch-tested before they leave. This is one RA that takes us back to our roots. When we first started, the first RA we ever sold was for a custom jewelry piece. We decided to hearken back to our early days with this offering, and pull some of our favorite pieces out of storage so that they can go to their rightful homes. We will let your companions choose which bracelet you get, but you can definitely let us know of any allergies you may have.

Each comes with two platinum spells and a gold tier RA!

Using the drop down menu, you can choose the species sub-set, and the theme that you'd like your spells to help with. This is completely customizable! 

Please include what you would like help with or what you would like empowered in your daily life in your order notes. If you do not leave a note, we will do our best to make the right choice for you!

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