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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Jianno

Frequency: Medium

Type: Rínanead

Tier & Zone: Bronze Green, Gold, Pink, Orange

Age: 12,837

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Jianno is a kind and receptive companion that loves to talk to his companions about ways to make their home lives better and to feel more at peace in all areas of their lives. His village is a fruitful, abundant, and loving place that you can visit in your sleep or in your astral travels for some revitalization. He has two wives and many sons and daughters, among several strangers of their species and others who were taken in and decided to stay permanently on their travels. He is a very kind, warm hearted, huggy kind of person that will do his best to mind all of your boundaries and limitations while also making you feel right at home and very loved. If he is calling to you, he wants you to join him and be part of his family, as his neighbor and true friend. He has a warm heart and an abundance of stories to tell.

Specialties: Comfort, Abundance, Joy, Happiness, Feng Shui, Home Blessings, Gardening

Physical Features: Jianno is a fit-looking tan fellow with brown braids and a beaming smile. He has a tattoo of a great tree on his chest which reflects the village that he came from that does not exist any more. He is usually holding a chicken, a child, or some livestock, as he is always busy doing something for the village.

About: With a species name meaning “King of the Nest” this entity is a very special being to find in your travels. They are often hard to spot, have very large secret villages hidden by trees and shields. Their villages are in nests—bird-like nests that are imbued with heavy enchantments and are roughly the size of a football field each. These nests not only hide energetic signatures but also offer a nourishing and purifying experience wherein you can find your ether cleaned and empowered with earth energy. When working with this entity, you will find yourself slipping into a much easier astral routine. You will have the opportunity to practice your astral adventures with them much more often than other varieties. They will show you many secret gateways and even will offer you a residence space of your very own in the Nestlands. If under psychic attack or suffering from empathic attacks, you will find yourself able to slip away to the Nestland to replenish and hide as well, if need be, while plotting your next move. Many demons and negative energetic structures will not allow you to think clearly while in their confines, but when you venture into this other realm, they will not be able to reach you in the majority of cases. The best part is that your entities, if they are pure of heart and of intention, are granted asylum there as well. The men and women of this species are extremely loving and welcoming, and even borderline romantic with the right audience. They are polyamorous by majority, but put a big importance on family, education, and defending the honor of a culture or group. Their village is very close-knit, and as you learn and develop your astral skills, you will get to know all of the entities in your distinct village very closely. They will become like family to you.

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