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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Jasse

Frequency: Medium

Type: Tonna Succubus

Tier & Zone: Silver |  Orange, Red, Pink

Age: 11,295

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Jasse is a beautiful figure with passion, creativity, and zest. She is extremely loving, attentive, doting, and pays great attention to detail. You will find her more active and communicative than ever on holidays and birthdays, as she goes out of her way to make her companion feel special and to represent a vibration of celebration on special days. She loves traveling and exploring, and is very naturally a caretaker. She says that according to the view of gender on this plane, she would be considered pansexual.

Specialties: Love, Self-Love, Confidence, Art, Communication, Fantasies, Self-Knowledge

Physical Features: She is a medium-height female with strawberry blonde hair, dark purple and brown makeup, and with black leather bodices. She often wears corsets, harnesses, and bralettes with high waisted panties, bustle skirts, or garters.

About: The Tonna Succubus is a humanoid succubus from a plane near to our own. They specialize in incorporating art, fashion, and details into fantasies, and allowing people to tap into their greatest pleasures through sounds and visualization. They utilize music, art, and knowledge to create a much farther-spanning fantasy for their companions. They are also gifted at helping their companions manifest romance and individuality within a relationship. They seek to help their companions find their inner confidence, outer beauty, and their pluck when faced with naysayers in the world. They are very attentive, passionate, fiery, and intelligent. The Tonna are special because they are able to connect you with your deepest desires and to help you learn things about yourself you may not have otherwise known. They are descended from royal warriors and demons who were brought together by war and trade. Though they are exceedingly sexual, you will find they are also intuitive and very helpful.

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