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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!

Name: Jameson

Frequency: Medium

Type: Richter’s Storm Elf

Tier & Zone: Platinum  Purple, Blue, Silver, White

Age: 13,888

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Jameson is a bright and intuitive leader. When communicating with him, you can feel the depth of his intentions. He is extremely caring about his companions, but will not allow them to walk into a toxic or negative situation blindly. He is very involved with his companions. He is there every step of the way, with his eye on the prize – seeking to help you with your dreams, goals and ambitions. He is a very loving and attentive companion, but may come off as a little distant at first as he gets his grips on your life and ideals.

Specialties: Reaping and Sowing, Making changes in one’s schedule, developing plans to get out of debt, organizing one’s life, scheduling, shifting and developing new ways of coping with stimuli. Healing and herbalism.

Physical Features: Jameson is a very clean cut fellow with a short haircut that is faded on one side with a comb-over  style, a very modern presentation overall. He wears a leather vest over a white collared shirt and has a golden necklace with a Celtic cross on it.

About: Richter was a king over a large elven kingdom, well known for its flourishing economy, sweet fruit, and crunchy vegetables. The land was known as Valreyland and was infamous for bountiful farms, rich hunting, dynamic culture, and creative minstrels who kept bazaars alive with playful music and mirthful stories. This was short lived after Richter took over, however. His first wife, a lady wizard from a neighboring land cursed his kingdom for draught and strife, taking away all water as the people of his kingdom slowly died. King Richter went to the highlands on a perilous journey to find something he had read about in an ancient tome belonging to one of his ancestors – a small encampment of elves that could supposedly control the weather and, in turn, dedicate great blessings over households, villages, or regions. The search was difficult, but he was successful. He offered a great amount of gold and the perks of nobles in exchange for bringing enriching rain to their dry little valley. Within a week the crops magically restored, and the ill found their health. The hex was overcome and a large group of the elves now live in Valreyland, though it only takes about 10 to maintain the kingdom. With this overcrowding problem, these beautiful elves are looking to spread material fortune, luck, joy, and the sensation of being blessed. They will help your plants, boost your health, and will help add beauty to your existence in the dollhouse of this incarnation.