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The INVITATION special is a Reverse Adoption that only comes in tiers of Platinum, Legendary, and Mythical at RECORD prices. This connection event has the focus on connecting any person of any means with a high tier personal guide! 

You will also get a much more in-depth bio, sharing some very important details that can help you bond with them more closely!

You Get:

The Standard: Name, Age, Tier, Zone, Gender, Personality Profile, Species Profile, Frequency

Appearance Information

Earthen Interests and Hobbies

Matron/Patron Deity or Energy

Preferred Offerings

Mini Bio

Some will even come with unique facts!

RA comes on vessel of Entity's choice (which helps us keep rates affordable!) but we will always try to choose a vessel that is right for you. If you have specific requests or would like to purchase the perfect vessel, email us at!

For more details on Tier and Zone, go here!