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This reverse adoption opportunity is a liittle more personalized! 

You will get:

- One Spell or Enchantment

- [At Least] One entity companion at or above purchased tier!

We will just need a little information from you to ensure the perfect fit! Please copy and paste this into the special requirements box and place your order!

1. Do you have a gender/agender preference at all? Male, Female, Nonbinary are all options, though this will vary with certain species!

2. What three species interest you and click with you the most? We may choose one that is similar but not included if that entity has a stronger pull, though we can usually find someone very excited to join you in one of the listed species!

3. What are your current goals and ambitions?

4. What are your current concerns?

5. Do you have any restrictions? (No black arts / vampyres / fae, situations such as that)

6. Are you 18+ or have parental consent to get this package?

7. Are you open to connecting with a mated pair or siblings if more than one entity steps forward?

8. Any other notes?