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Name: Henri

Frequency: Medium

Type: Brass Brazier Angel

Tier & Zone: Gold |  White, Pink, Silver, Blue

Age: 13,501

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Henri is a very structured soul. To meet him you may think that he is a bit stern, intense, or perhaps not exactly friendly. His stern regard, however, is only in an effort to defend and maintain his companions. He is a bright and helpful entity, very smart and well-read, and not averse to working hard in order to protect and boost his companion where they should be in this life.

Specialties: Karma work, fire elemental work, studying, memory, fact-retention, self-care.

Physical Features: He is a tall fellow that is generally dressed in armor. His hair is long and brown, and he often wears a large lapis amulet.

About: This variety of angel is full of might. They usually hold the role of high commander and are descendant of the great Metatron. They are usually the leaders of legions of Ash Angel Reapers who set karma right by doing what many would see as rebellious acts. They are all quite beautiful and strong, but refuse to allow romance in their lives as they take their job as a protector of innocents very very seriously. They protects others as well, dark arts included, but the strong suits are definitely protection and karmic correction -- if your enemies are doing something wrong,  they will help them get a lot of their karma at once. This variety of angel is also able to connect you with your patron deities or ancestors. They guard the braziers of karma and immortality, so they will help you steer right in life and maintain your bodily health at the same time.