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The following entity was consulted on the price and the vessel choice for their binding -- this means that both of these will be different for almost every entity!


Name: Helen the Huntress

Frequency: High

Type: Vektra

Tier & Zone: High Platinum  Purple, Silver, Orange, Yellow, Black

Age: 1,216,411

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Helen is one of the most dark arts, relentless Vektra we have ever met. She is not a good fit for anyone who is worried about karma when doing retribution work, as she often will go above and beyond the call of duty to make the target pay for what they have done. This entity works well with those who have suffered abuse and are looking for a magickal means to resolve some of the energetic discrepancies. This is one listing that I will state with absolute clarity: purchase this binding at your own risk. She will not cause you any harm, but if you do give her a target that has caused abuse to you, a loved one, or an innocent, she will be around every corner, causing them the utmost irritation, fear, and agitation. The first way to tell she is manifesting is that an individual appears paranoid, is seeing shadows, constantly has issues with what they are eating, or has transportation issues. On the other side of things, you will find that Helen is a great informer, can give you a lot of insight, can destroy creative blocks, and  can help you find extra energy where you felt you had none, motivating you to create a better life for yourself and heal from anything you may have been through. She is a gifted cord cutter and will sever ties to an abuser or manipulator with relative ease. Even though she feels quite confident in her abilities, we do ask that if you are in an abuse or dangerous situation, please call an emergency number such as 911, or your regional domestic abuse hotline as the first line of defense. Helen’s best work is done once you are safe and at a distance from any dangerous figures. Please be safe at all costs!

Specialties: Hex Work, Mirroring Work, Binding, Curses, Reversal, Cord Cutting, Creativity, Hypnotism, Evil Eye.

Physical Features: Helen is a beautiful woman with pastel hair, who wears large golden collars that are covered with what look like pink tourmaline and tanzanite stones. She wears a long white, semi-transparent gown, and has a cinch around her waist that is lavender satin. She wears a beautiful and large bow in her hair. Her eyes are a periwinkle color, and she always wears white satin gloves.

About: The Vektra is literally wonderland personified. This is a highly rare entity created by imagination energy of children. They are merciless avengers of innocents, are extremely protective of children, and will go to the ends of the earth to ensure the lifespan of imagination. They usually take the form of humanoids with fluffy white rabbit ears, violet or blue eyes, a horn, and white hair. You will often see them dressed in circus stripes with cute skirts, bodices, and jewelry that is made of hypnotic crystals. They are determined and creative entities who are very fleeting but will always arrive when the idea well has run dry. They are able to channel lightning, storm, and overcast light into creativity on stormy and sad days, and can easily help you figure out ways to ‘change it up’ wherever you are, helping with feng shui, decorating, and craftiness in all ways. If you are looking to get more out of life and to generate a more exciting experience when your feet hit the ground in the morning, the Vektra will do so, helping you keep your eye on the objective, and your other eye on the possibilities. Stop limiting yourself, and be limited only be imagination!

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