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Heartsong was an RA opportunity we came up with after reading a post from a friend while we were thinking about some difficult life questions ourselves. Her post regarded depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other ailments that cause so much inner-harm in our daily lives. 

The goal of this reverse adoption is to connect you with an entity companion, spellwork, and enchantment that will help you overpower cluttering thoughts, distraction, and dismal patterns of thinking. Though many of these issues we face are chronic, and any progress will be in stages, our companions can sometimes help us break difficult habits and ways of thinking.

You Get:

  • Two Spells
  • One Enchantment (a spell that is actively  charged and utilized by an entity)
  • One Gold or Legendary tier entity, depending on purchased package.

The spells included in this piece are:

Dark Mass Magnet: Some energies that oppress us in spiritual ways manifest themselves as a black mass or fog around you. The piece will draw this negativity into itself (not harming the binding) and will prevent radical energies from entering your personal aura. Cleanse and reset this vessel under the light of the moon or in a bowl of salt, preferably nightly.

Emotional Aloe: This is one that Carmen has used herself, and it has helped a great deal. This spell is to help curb the intensity of feelings that are incorrect or self-damaging. Again, this is not a replacement for therapy or treatment! This spell has helped us, however, and we believe it can help other practitioners who receive good benefits from spellwork and enchantments.


Lucky Me!: This Enchantment is oriented toward helping you use manifestation magick, allowing you to retain positivity and make good changes in your life. This enchantment charges with your vessel and is a source of luck energy that your companion can use to help you.


The entities included in this RA calling are primarily white or light-grey arts, however, if you would prefer a DA entity and consent to a DA entity being called, please let us know in order notes. We will be drawing from various interested species that focus on mental health, personal expression, artistic expression, feelings of agape, and community support.

This RA is by no means a replacement for professional help, and if you need professional help, please contact a doctor, visit an emergency room, or contact 1-800-273-8255. We will help as we can!


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