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The ultimate protective berry, and it may be good for your heart too!

Magickal Uses: 
Many people use hawthorn berry for health spells, but also for making their mate stay faithful, protecting a home or a store, or storing one in a wallet to prevent theft. You can also put them in potpourri dishes or sprinkle them in the path in front of your house to prevent people entering with bad intentions or attempting to steal from your property or your heart.

Health Uses: Hawthorne berry has been found in many studies to help with chronic heart failure, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and angina. Heart health is no joke however, so if you are going to supplement with this, please ask your doctor first. It is high in antioxidants, helps promote blood flow, and strengthens blood vessels when ingested. Hawthorn is believed by physicians to be a steady blocker and dissolver of fats in the blood vessels. Of course with any alternative medicine, be careful. We believe in our products but believe in your health more!!

Consumability: Variable (Consult Your Physician for Prolonged Use)

Sold in 1 Oz by Volume.