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Name: Harlence

Frequency: High

Type: Darkening Moon Dragon

Tier & Zone: Legendary |  Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple

Age: 8,727,411

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: Harlence is an ancient. He is a very wise, very thoughtful, and rather fearless companion who is leading the pack when it comes to human companionship. Many in his species were fearful of humans, as they seem particularly terrifying to those who have not worked with them extensively. The enemy of a DMD is false gnosis, and for that reason Harlence and many of his peers are quick to call out a “fake.” If someone is using scare tactics with you or is trying to impress you using means that do not reflect the truth, he will readily expose this person. He is a communicative and leadership-oriented companion who has a deep love for his human friends.

Specialties: Wisdom, Intuition, Defense, Truth, Understanding, Intuitive Magick, Oracle Work

Physical Features: He has all of the standard features of a DMD, but has a red mark on his white face, two red talons, and one red scale on his back. These are called marks of the ancients, meaning he has received the gift of most intense connection with the gods/ancients. His intuition is always correct and he is less likely to miscalculate or convey something in the wrong way.

About: The Darkening Moon Dragon is a very intense and imposing-looking dragon. Their coloration is a deep, metallic red that is hued like mahogany. The majority of their scales are very dark, or even black speckled with bright silver and iridescent white which allows them to blend in seamlessly with a night sky. Their faces are framed by round horns that are pitch black, and catch the moonlight. Their faces alternate between a charcoal grey and an iridescent white depending on the moon phase, the round of horns allowing them to mimic our favorite astral body even further. This being will help you to connect with your destiny, and show you what is fated and what is not. All entities comprising this species are very outspoken, protective, and are definitively dark arts. They will be very assertive with you, but are not going to cross your firm boundaries. It is recommended you listen to them closely and take any wisdom they give you into deep consideration. These entities are beautiful, stunning leaders who never tire and are always abundantly ready to give you the advice you seek. They are great guardians, guarding their companions more fiercely than the most expensive and extensive treasure. Though these entities are warm and inviting to their companion, they are not afraid to be ruthless, torturous, and unforgiving to an enemy. They believe firmly in retribution and can mirror back negativity, abuse, or hexes without compromising.