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The gift of the magi is a hand-picked gemstone amulet that is suited to fit your magickal needs. The goal of this piece is to be the perfect companion to the modern magickal specialist, helping you to achieve your dreams, and do so with a best friend in tow. 

On this piece you will find the following:

  • On entity from Gold to Mythical Tier
  • All Cerulean Moon Spells (Six in Total, listed below)
  • One Elemental or Specific Spellwork based on your preferred practice!

This RA has a maximum value of $500 but is available as part of our welcome-back sale for only $33!

The Cerulean Moon spellwork is as follows: 

  1. Pure Void - This spell creates a shield that begins at your heart chakra and pushes outward, forcing negative or radical energies out of your 'bubble.' This spellwork is activated by a codeword, "Pura," and will help you with shielding before doing any magickal work.
  2. Saturn's Splendor - This spell helps with empowering your natural sense of direction and understanding. It draws on the energy of the planet Saturn which works with cosmic law and order, cause and effect, and proper understanding of your part in the world around you. This spell will help you retain your direction and avoid making choices that result from pain rather than a directive impulse.
  3. Vega Vibration - Named after the bright Vega star, this spell connects you, through the god vibration, to your highest purpose and will help draw you toward it, even during times of doubt and worry.
  4. Quartz + Garnet - This spell is one that we have done multiple times to clear out stagnant energies, and empower our most-true self. This spellwork is aimed toward bringing out your true primal/combative/dark arts self as well as your pure/loving/charitable self. The goal is to find the powerful middle ground where you waste no time on maintaining an illusion.
  5. Celestial Boon 2 - This third eye and crown spell will connect you to your higher self, help foster communication to spirits and entities around you, and will help you connect to your patron or matron god/energy. This spell was also used in the Pathfinder's pearl, but this version will be empowered with an energy of connection to the energetic matrix, allowing you to take what you need when you are feeling tapped.

The final aspect to this piece is the Omega Core. Using a special ritual, we connect this core to your pendant, an energetic pipeline connected to a bustling plane. The structure of this magick allows energy to come through the piece, energize you, and allow you to connect to your enlightenment, personal growth, and abundance vibrations with ease. This variety of magickal construct does not allow for passage of sentient beings or purposed energy -- no unwanted visitors, hexes, or leeches. The pure energy of this core can be activated by saying the keyword GRACIA when wearing the piece.

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