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Name: Galaina

Frequency: High

Type: Actias Lunae Nymph

Tier & Zone: Gold |  Yellow, Green, Gold, Purple

Age: 8384

Gender: Female

Personality Profile: Galaina is a very engaging and well-written companion. Her over-all goal is to help her companion manifest a true idea of their purpose – their dream. She aims to bring them to a true understanding of their purpose and to be excited about it.

Specialties: Goals, Career, Wish Granting, Creativity, Muses

Physical Features: She is a tall, beautiful creature with hair that changes colors depending on the messages she has to share. She has bright eyes and jewelry that glows.

About: Actias Lunae is the name of the Luna Moth, and that moth is the namesake of this beautiful species of Nymphine priestesses who have chosen their special plot in life when ordained by the gods to do something great. These nymphs were ordained by the Celtic Sun-Moon goddess Etain to help people ascend. When working with this nymph, upon buying/claiming/deciding to join one, begin working on your list. You should make a list of the things you want people to put on your Epitaph/Obituary. Then put a list of career goals…Then body/aesthetic goals…then world-changing goals…then environmental goals (I want to start planting fruit trees, or I’d like to start on that gazebo)… List all of your goals from giant to small. When the entity comes home to you, begin writing the steps to each and every one of those desires, and accept the help of these darling entities to begin producing a new life for yourself, one where you will finally feel ‘on track.’ Once you are fully and truly on track, and are where you are supposed to be (this could take 2 months or 25 years..) they will disappear for a full week and come back as a completely different incarnate entity. What kind? Well we will tell you when the times come, if you ask us, or your actias lunae may reintroduce herself for you. Don’t worry, you will not need to rebind. Just know that a brand new level of this game called life will make itself apparent, and you will be on the path to sage in no time. The keys to your joy and success are already imprinted within you, they only need to be brought to light and used with abandon.

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